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Brahmin Wedding Procedure

Planted to mark the commencement of a ceremony
Our service: On demand we will do this work either in Groom / Bride house or in marriage hall, and also we are offering service for Bride / Groom home front decoration.



Welcoming Groom’s family and relatives :

Commencement of marriage ceremonies The bride's family arrives at the marriage venue or 'kalyanamandappam' one day prior to the wedding. The venue is decorated with 'kolam's (attractive designs made with rice powder paste) and flowers. In readiness for the arrival of the groom and his family, the bride's family keeps 'chandan' (sandalwood paste), 'kumkum' (vermilion), rose water, sugar candy, garlands.
Our Services:milk-gova and traditonal sweets with new vessels, cool drinks or hot drinks, Nadaswaram & Melam, aarthi, etc...will be arranged in proper manner.

Kappukettal & Vratham
The marriage ceremonies begin with vratham performed separately by the bride and the groom. For the bride, it means the tying of the kappu, the holy thread on her wrists, which is meant to ward off all evil sprits. It symbolizes a kind of protective armor for the bride.
Our service:Required items, arranging Vadhyar-Brahmin priest), photo / camara, decoration, catering service etc..the 'aarthi' (traditional Palikai SePalikai Seeds Sowingeds Sowing)


Palikai Seeds Sowing
This is a fertility rite. Pallikais are earthern pots prepared a day earlier. Pots spread at the base with hariali grass and Bael leaves (vilvam). Nine kinds of presoaked cereals are ceremoniously sown in these pots by sumangalis. After the marriage, the sprouted seedlings are released in a river or pool. This ritual invokes the blessing of the eight direction quartered guardian angels Ashtadikh Paalaks for a healthy life and progeny to the couple.
Our Service:We will provide palikai in good manner and other required items...etcthe 'aarthi' (traditional Palikai SePalikai Seeds Sowingeds Sowing)

Janavasam / Maapillai azhaippu:
The families and friends of Groom and bride assemble in a temple nearby. The brides family brings turmeric, betel leaves, nuts. The bride family present dress to the groom. The groom, in new dress and all assemble in a hall in temple. The brides brother then garlands the groom, and sugar candy is distributed to all present.



The cone shaped parupputhengai-a special sweetmeat, in pair, is an important part of all these ceremonies.”. The marriage ceremony takes place the next day.Nischayathamboolam / Nischaiyartham event may prefer after receiption.




Wedding Arrangements:
Preparations for the actual wedding ceremony on the day of the wedding Early morning on the wedding day, the brides family sends to the groom cosmetics, a mirror, a basket filled with sweetmeats to the accompaniment of Nadaswaram music.
Our Service:We will aranage everything, Mirros, Tooth paste, Soap, Comb, Powder, Shampoo, Hot water, Oil, Vibhuti, Coffee / tea, tiffen etc...



Kasi Yatra
This is a very important part of the ceremony. Immediately after his student life, the young bachelor has two alternatives before him – Grihasta or Sanyas. Being by nature in a satwic state due to strict adherence of bachelorhood and observance of austerities, he is drawn towards asceticism.
Our Service: We will arrange items required for Kasi Yatra like new umbrella, slippers, walking stick / vadi etc…



Malai Mathal (Exchange of garlands)
On entering the mandapam the groom discards his walking stick and is garlanded by the bride. The bride and groom are lifted to the shoulders of their respective maternal uncles. This is an expression of continuing sibling support to their mothers. The two garland each other thrice for a complete union. In the shastras, the exchange of garlands symbolizes their unification, as one soul in two bodies. It is inward acceptance by each of the very fragrance in the other.
Our Service: We will provide traditional garlands, variety of garlands, etc


Oonjal / Swing:
The couple is then made to sit on a decorated swing. The chains of the swing signify the eternal karmic link with the Almighty. The to and fro motion represents the undulating sea-waves of life. Yet in mind and body they shall move in harmony – steady and stable.
Our Service : We will provide Swing / Oonjal with fully decorated, palum pazhamum, colored rice, etc...



Kanya Danam:
The bride is made to sit on her father’s lap and is given away as a gift by him to the bridegroom. On the bride’s head, a ring made of Darbha of Kusa grass is placed. And over it is placed a yoke. The gold Mangal Sutra or Thali is placed on the aperture of the yoke. And water is poured though the aperture.The father of the bride while offering his daughter chants: “I offer ye my daughter: A maiden virtuous, good natured, very wise, decked with ornaments to the best of my abilities.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this events to assist vadiyar, etc...


Kankana Dharanam:
The bride ties a string fastened to a piece of turmeric around the wrist of the bridegroom to bind themselves by a religious vow. A little later, the bridegroom ties a kankanam to the bride’s wrist.
Our Service : We will provide all the necessary items....etc..



Mangalya Dharanam
The tying of the Mangal Sutra or Thali takes place at exactly the pre-determined auspicious hour, known as MUHURTHAM. The bride is seated on the lap of her father, looking eastward while the bridegroom faces westward. The bridegroom ties Tiru Mangalyam (special Gold ornament ties in yellow thread) around the neck of the bride.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc....



Paani Grahanam
This means holding hands. The groom holds the hand of the bride. The mantras say: "The Devas have offered you to me in order that I may live the life of a Grihasta. We shall not part from each other even when we grow old."
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc...



Saptha Padhi
Holding the bride’s hand the bridegroom walks seven steps around the holy fire with her. This is the most important part of the marriage ceremony. And only when they walk these seven steps together (i.e. perform the saptha padhi) is the marriage complete. With each step they take a vow.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc…



1.We take the first step to provide for a happy and wealthy life.

2.We take the second step to develop physical, mental and spiritual powers.

3.We take the third step to increase our wealth by diligence and righteousness.

4.We take the fourth step to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love and trust.

5.We take the fifth step so that we are blessed with strong, virtuous and loving children.

6.We take the sixth step to promise to care for each other for a long life together.

7.Finally, we take the seventh step to be true companions and remain partners by this marriage.

Pala Dhanam

Pala Dhanam as ordained by the scriptures is thus an action signifying mutual arrangements between the families, to be based on the principle of equality and respect for each other irrespective of one’s economic stature in life.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc...



Pradhana Homam
A crucial part of the wedding is the homage paid by the couple to Agni, the God of Fire. The couple goes around the fire, and feed it with ghee and twigs of nine types of holy trees as sacrificial fuel. The fumes that arise possess medicinal, curative and cleansing effects on the bodies of the couple.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc...



Treading on the Grindstone
Holding the bride’s left toe the bridegroom helps her to tread on a grindstone kept on the right side of a fire. The mantras chanted say: “Mount on this stone, and let thy mind be rock firm, unperturbed by the trials and tribulations of life.” This ritual is symbolic of the solid rock foundation for the union.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc...



Arundhati and Dhruva Star
Next the groom shows the bride the star Arundhati (from the Saptha Rishi or Great Bear constellation) as also Dhruva or the pole star. Arundhati is the wife of Vashishta Maharishi and exemplified as the ideal wife - the embodiment of charity. Dhruva is the one who attained immortality through single-minded devotion and perseverance. This is symbolic of the fact that such virtues are to be emulated throughout marital life.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc...


Laaja Homam
This comprises the bride’s own offering into the sacrificial fire. As an expression of sibling support to her marriage her brother helps her. He gives her a handful of puffed rice grains which she hands to the bridegroom, who on her behalf, feeds it to the fire. Through this food offering, the bride seeks a long life for her husband and for propagation of her family. Participation of the bride’s brother indicates the continuance of links between the two families even after marriage. Our service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, Showering of Akshadai etc...
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, Showering of Akshadai etc...

Akshadai , i.e. rice grains coloured with turmeric and saffron are showered on the couple by elders and invitees as benediction (Aasirvadam)




Griha Pravesham
Taking with her fire from the Laaja Homam, the bride takes leave of her home and enters the new home of her in-laws. The vedic hymns recited at this time sound like the mother’s advice to her daughter: "Be the queen of your husband’s home. May your husband glorify your virtues! Conduct yourself in such a way that you win your mother-in-law’s love. And be in the good books of your sister-in-law."
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function to assist vadiyar, etc...


The evening of the marriage day is the time to relax and play. The newly wed wife calls her husband for play, inviting him through a song. Much to the merriment of all gathered, there follows a series of playful games. The bride anointing the groom’s feet with colour paste, fanning him, showing him a mirror, breaking papads over each other’s head.
Our Service : Full set of items required for Nalangu like Metal coconut, papadam (appalam), etc...



Mangala Aarthi
Aarthi is taken. Aaarthi is taken many times during the ceremony.
Our Service : Full set of items required for this function, etc... .




Shanthi Muhurtham
The consummation of the marriage at night fixed for an auspicious time for a happy, ever-lasting married life that is full of understanding and care. Two souls united in a sacred act of fulfillment, to bring forth progeny as nature’s best creation.
Our Service : Sweets, Fruits , Arranging and decorating room for shanthi muhurtham....



Paalikai karaithal / Kattusadam / Sendoff

3rd day while sendoff both Bride and Groom familes after Pallikai karaithal, with kattusadam.







Mangala Vadhyam


Mandapa Kolam


Flowers, Bloom Garlands


Seerpatchanam, Araiseer including 2 side famiies


Vaitheeka samangal


Angumani Samangal 


Round the clock service-Coffee, Tea, Boost,  in  dispose cups


Aarthi Pachaipudi arrangements


SP1 Pan Stall for Reception


Thambula Bag with Printing (Coconut, Pan, Baku)


Can Mineral Water for drinking


Fresh Fruits Plats


Fresh Juice Reception & Muhurtham


5 Jodies Coconut Koodu, Asheervada Kuttiyudan


Thanjavur Glass Set 1 Jodi




Kasiyathirai Samankal


Groom Kit with Btanded Items


Staff with Uniform and Hand Glouse


Paper Disposable Cups & Dining Paper Roll

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